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Amongst The Weeds

Hello, my name is Chef E. Some of you know me from my Partners In Wine Club and Food ~ Wine ~ Fun! sites. I have been blogging for three years now, and my passion is writing, poetry, music, and food. Not always in this order, but mostly certainly I am doing a little of it all each day.

My decision to begin a separate blog is due to the recent visit to my doctor and learning that my obesity weight has affected my health. In the food and creative world I have felt ‘In The Weeds’ often, and now feel its pertaining to my eating habits as well. I have never been one to eat the same time, or the same foods, nor do I cook the same menus on a regular basis. I have always been a mood eater.

I grew up with both parents having a sweet tooth- one who ate in moderation; the other a ‘mood’ baker, but she cooked the same ‘regular’ meal food the same day of the week, every week, every year, and I deemed it boring and bland. So hence the ‘mood’ monster with a dash of my father’s moderate and cold turkey habits.

Most of us hope to never hear the word ‘diabetic’, but it can happen. My eating habits have finally caught up with me. My blood work has been dangerously close to high sugar levels for the past three years, but I kept thinking if I just cut back it would be okay.

The reality is, you cannot run. Get off your rear end and move. Exercise is the key along with eating foods in moderation low in sugar and fat. I had been doing the eating thing, but working from home gave me an excuse to lock myself in the house seven days a week.

Four months ago I began seeing a trainer twice a week, and swimming when I felt like it. Evidently my efforts were not wasted, because I began to become a bit more active, but it did not help my blood sugars as I had hoped. It is not too late to turn it around.

Alcohol is also a no-no when your blood sugar is high, and it does not help I had developed a taste for scotch since my daughter passed away. You have to make SERIOUS diet changes. So I did. No more drinking during the week, and only 1 or 2 if I do. Only special occasion wine until I drop some serious weight the doctor told me (and hubby’s sister is getting married this weekend. Yikes, nothing like a Catholic wedding reception!).

I turn fifty in nine months. I hear there is life after fifty, being fit is a key to living through the ‘mid-life’ and I will be the first to admit its been an adjustment the past few years.

Maybe we can learn something from each other! So join me…I would like to hear your experiences in eating, weight issues, writing, or even growing older. The young can learn from us, and we also can learn from the young. My twenty three year old son amazes me all the time!

The past few nights I have been making and plating more greens (1/2 plate), proteins (1/4 plate), and non-starchy vegetables (1/4 plate)- suggested by my dietitian, and cut sweets totally from my life. Writing down what you eat is also a big key to success. I have been using a meal app on my droid phone, but now I will take that a step up. I will journal my meals and report to my dietitian once a week.

Lets face getting healthy together, pursue our passions, and live amongst the weeds. There is beauty in all things…


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