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Losing weight and keeping it off

Can I lose Weight Eating Cereal?

Cereal? How in the world does cereal help me lose weight?

High fiber cereals can help you lose weight…or do they?

Many name brand cereals claim you will lose weight in the form of test studies. When you read these studies remember the participants are eating less by substituting their meals with cereal. Adding fiber to the diet, eating less fat (key), and exercise (key) can help you lose weight, but is it the healthiest way? Will I keep the weight off?

Every time I see or hear (which my sister recently mentioned) that they are going to replace meals with this special (uh huh you get the idea) cereal, because they will lose an unwanted few pounds. I cringe. Why? Because first of all I do not like cereal. Had to eat it many times as a poor child in the sixties and seventies, and second most people have to survive boredom when they diet.

What happened to getting healthy?

I am also bugged by the fact that many people who quite eating all those manufactured meals by so-and-so, and replace meals with cereal; until they stop and then they all gain the weight back. Most people either for financial reasons stop, or simply get bored and stop eating the cereal. Many simply lose the weight they want, and begin with the old eating habits.

Sure eating less calories and smaller portions will help shed the pounds as these companies promise, but you have to make it a part of your LIFE eating plan, not just to shed a few for a new dress or an outfit.

How amazed I was at finding websites that promoted quick weight loss by replacing meals with 3/4 cup of cereal, skim milk, and adding some fruit. Quick fixes never work. We all know that!

Have you written your food journal yet? I have, and I admit its easy to let it go…just like eating Halloween candy, and how it slipped into the diet. Just go back and begin again. Its like falling down, dust yourself off and get back up. Who cares if you slipped, just move on.

How does fiber in the cereal help our diet?

Detoxing is a good way to get that junk out of our bodies. I have had issues with eating gluten (lots and lots of bread and processed flour products) over the years. Once I began to reduce and eliminate these products along with sugar foods, I began to lose weight. Fiber helps clean your intestines. I know ‘EWWW’ on waste removal note, but it is true. Cereals low in sugar and high in fiber may not taste as good as the junky sugar brands, but they do help eliminate and clean our your tummies; it is also a better alternative to visiting a drive through!

Check your labels- after you grab the cereal box; it helps to keep the sugar under 8 grams. I know its hard, but your taste buds will adhere to your knew eating philosophy (no adding sugar either). Careful, not all fruit is created equal- bananas have 80 cal per serving, and strawberries have 45 cal per serving, so be cautious about how much of that you eat as well.

Don’t replace meals, try eating it as a dry snack in between balanced plates of 1/2 plate of green vegetables or dark leafy green salad; 1/4 protein, and 1/4 starch. Or eliminate the starch at night and have 2/3 of dark green vegetables al dente or dark leafy green salad with low fat dressings.

I find myself hungry now and then, not sated as one needs to survive on this LIFE journey, so Rebecca, my dietitian buddy recommends eating a 3/4 bowl of high fiber or whole grain cereal, and it worked. Fiber helps make your body feel full. Cereal bars made from oats will give you a healthier snack in between meals as a snack and are better than skipping a meal.

If we develop an eating plan, we begin to shed the weight, add exercise and you can treat yourself to something you like…but if you continue to eat recommended dietary food sources- the weight will stay off. Careful though, even they have hidden sugars.

Next we will talk about why its important to read labels…


Chef Elizabeth Stelling

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Losing Weight and Keeping It Off #2

Taken in June/2010- I'm 49!

In Losing Weight and Keeping It Off #1 our dietitian, Rebecca talks about how eating a well balanced diet and exercise is key to keeping off the unwanted pounds which down the road can cause physical problems. For instance with illnesses like heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. These are among the top three killers in many adults.

Medication is available to keep our ailments under control, but until you are willing to do what it takes to get healthier, we will only see an increase in the damage they can cause.

Has a doctor told you to change your lifestyle along with medication? Mine did. Years ago they gave me high blood pressure medication, but I barely attempted to make changes. At forty you still feel you have a chance to continue down the road you were on with little consequences, but it does catch up sooner or later. Later I began to have issues with breathing and asthma I had as a child, my feet swell, my back began to hurt from the weight I was carrying around, and I could not walk when my family was on vacation. Things began to spill over into my family’s life, so the problems only worsened.

Six months ago I went back to the gym, am seeing a personal trainer, and when the doctor told me three years in a row of high blood sugar was getting serious- I changed my eating habits. No more late night writing, snacking and drinking, bed early and up with breakfast, lunch, and timely dinner meals (two snacks) I began to see my weight and swelling disappear. It works! As a chef I knew better, but we make excuses. Stop making excuses and if you are finally sick of yourself feeling like crap- do something about it.

Confession is good for the soul, or so they say- so I gave it a try! Yes, I finally admitted publicly I was over weight and was out of control. I posted my photo of my trainer, Brian and I in the gym and will eventually post more photos of myself getting fit!

Exercise is key to being able to eat that hamburger now and then, but with a healthy mind and body. I cross train six days a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday- I do water aerobics or walk. Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday- I work out in the gym with my trainer (you can do it on your own, but he makes me accountable) who makes sure I alternate weights and work on different areas of my body to keep things moving. Sure its hard, and I am sore, but I know in the long run- I will be a rock star!

My family has a history, like many do of some illnesses like high blood pressure, so losing weight may not completely get rid of it, but I figure getting fit will only help matters. Do the same for yourself, you will feel so much better!


Chef Elizabeth Stelling

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Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

Today I am honored to have a guest writer who is a registered dietitian, and writes a wonderful blog and host a radio blog program! She is helping me on my journey with losing weight, so I can beat full blown diabetes-

With great pleasure I am doing this guest post on Chef E’s new blog. I really admire her efforts at leading a healthy lifestyle to control blood sugars and feel well. We should all strive to practice portion control, eat a balanced diet, and stay active. It is also not as hard as you may think. There are no good or bad foods; its all about balance and having fun cooking healthy meals at home. As a registered dietitian both in the UK and the US I have found the following tips to be a good starting point, but the key factor for long term success is support from your family and on going support from a registered dietitian or doctor to get you through the tough times.

So you want to lose weight and keep it of?

On the surface it seems simple to lose weight eat less and be more active however the number of overweight and obese people continues to rise in America. Americans try many strategies in an attempt to lose weight often the latest Hollywood diet or fad. How often do you hear the words I am on a diet or I’ll eat what I want before I start my diet, many times losing weight while on the so called diet only to re-gain it and some when they return to their usual eating habits. This yo yo cycle isn’t healthy for mind or body.

The best approach is to work towards a healthy lifestyle and making long –term changes.

Consider these questions before beginning-

 How ready am I to change? if you are thinking about it but still not all that motivated brainstorm the health benefits and focus on how much better you would feel

 Break down your barriers to change-write a list and work through them, develop good time management and prioritize time for you to cook and be active

 Do you eat when hungry or for other reasons such as emotions, habit or boredom. Work towards a regular meal schedule and listen to your bodies cues to eat when hungry

 Do you perceive certain foods as good and bad and follow dieting rules? Re-program your mind and have a healthy relationship with food there’s no good or bad foods you just need to get the balance right

 Eat slowly – it takes time for the brain to get the message that your full

 Develop effective emotional coping strategies try not to use food for comfort, break the cycle of eating when stressed then feeling guilty. Call a friend, take a walk, pray, have a hot bath and try yoga.

 Increase physical activity try to find activities that can be worked into your daily life you don’t have to join a gym. Take the stairs, walk on your breaks, try pilates and yoga at home or take a class, get some weights and lift at home, try tennis with friends and family or get a bike, find lots of activities you enjoy and have fun!

Overtime as you work towards a healthy lifestyle and face each challenge in a positive way you’ll slowly start to feel stronger more in control and enjoy better health.

Rebecca Subbiah RD, LDN, SRD
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