Lost in the journey of life…


I am a southern girl born and raised in Texas, but now live in New Jersey. Having worked since fourteen in the food industry, and as a Hair Salon Owner and client- I am now a chef, poet, writer, open mic organizer, wife and currently the mother of a twenty three year old who works as a butcher and is a college student.

I love people, learning as much as I can about all things, love meeting new people, and if I could… I would be a full time student of the arts and MFA. After going to college three times for other careers, I still want to learn more. I love to learn, what can I say.

My plan is too journal my battle with my weight which has caused health issues to surface. My excuse (we all have them)- I lost my fourteen year old daughter, Anelisa ten years ago, and began to eat and drink heavily to cover up the pain. Now it is time to get on with my life and take care of myself. I have always battled some issues with weight after having children, but the real challenge is being who I really am inside. Not just about begin thin; its about being healthy inside and out!

Join me…

Chef E

I have three other websites I adore, and would love for you too check out-

Wine- Partners In Wine Club

Food- Food ~ Wine ~ Fun!

Poetry- Creative TMI


One response

  1. eMi

    Dear Chef E, I’m sure you’ll win this battle. You passion for life will help you. You’re great!

    October 8, 2010 at 6:33 pm

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