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Can I lose Weight Eating Cereal?

Cereal? How in the world does cereal help me lose weight?

High fiber cereals can help you lose weight…or do they?

Many name brand cereals claim you will lose weight in the form of test studies. When you read these studies remember the participants are eating less by substituting their meals with cereal. Adding fiber to the diet, eating less fat (key), and exercise (key) can help you lose weight, but is it the healthiest way? Will I keep the weight off?

Every time I see or hear (which my sister recently mentioned) that they are going to replace meals with this special (uh huh you get the idea) cereal, because they will lose an unwanted few pounds. I cringe. Why? Because first of all I do not like cereal. Had to eat it many times as a poor child in the sixties and seventies, and second most people have to survive boredom when they diet.

What happened to getting healthy?

I am also bugged by the fact that many people who quite eating all those manufactured meals by so-and-so, and replace meals with cereal; until they stop and then they all gain the weight back. Most people either for financial reasons stop, or simply get bored and stop eating the cereal. Many simply lose the weight they want, and begin with the old eating habits.

Sure eating less calories and smaller portions will help shed the pounds as these companies promise, but you have to make it a part of your LIFE eating plan, not just to shed a few for a new dress or an outfit.

How amazed I was at finding websites that promoted quick weight loss by replacing meals with 3/4 cup of cereal, skim milk, and adding some fruit. Quick fixes never work. We all know that!

Have you written your food journal yet? I have, and I admit its easy to let it go…just like eating Halloween candy, and how it slipped into the diet. Just go back and begin again. Its like falling down, dust yourself off and get back up. Who cares if you slipped, just move on.

How does fiber in the cereal help our diet?

Detoxing is a good way to get that junk out of our bodies. I have had issues with eating gluten (lots and lots of bread and processed flour products) over the years. Once I began to reduce and eliminate these products along with sugar foods, I began to lose weight. Fiber helps clean your intestines. I know ‘EWWW’ on waste removal note, but it is true. Cereals low in sugar and high in fiber may not taste as good as the junky sugar brands, but they do help eliminate and clean our your tummies; it is also a better alternative to visiting a drive through!

Check your labels- after you grab the cereal box; it helps to keep the sugar under 8 grams. I know its hard, but your taste buds will adhere to your knew eating philosophy (no adding sugar either). Careful, not all fruit is created equal- bananas have 80 cal per serving, and strawberries have 45 cal per serving, so be cautious about how much of that you eat as well.

Don’t replace meals, try eating it as a dry snack in between balanced plates of 1/2 plate of green vegetables or dark leafy green salad; 1/4 protein, and 1/4 starch. Or eliminate the starch at night and have 2/3 of dark green vegetables al dente or dark leafy green salad with low fat dressings.

I find myself hungry now and then, not sated as one needs to survive on this LIFE journey, so Rebecca, my dietitian buddy recommends eating a 3/4 bowl of high fiber or whole grain cereal, and it worked. Fiber helps make your body feel full. Cereal bars made from oats will give you a healthier snack in between meals as a snack and are better than skipping a meal.

If we develop an eating plan, we begin to shed the weight, add exercise and you can treat yourself to something you like…but if you continue to eat recommended dietary food sources- the weight will stay off. Careful though, even they have hidden sugars.

Next we will talk about why its important to read labels…


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