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Losing Weight and Keeping It Off #2

Taken in June/2010- I'm 49!

In Losing Weight and Keeping It Off #1 our dietitian, Rebecca talks about how eating a well balanced diet and exercise is key to keeping off the unwanted pounds which down the road can cause physical problems. For instance with illnesses like heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. These are among the top three killers in many adults.

Medication is available to keep our ailments under control, but until you are willing to do what it takes to get healthier, we will only see an increase in the damage they can cause.

Has a doctor told you to change your lifestyle along with medication? Mine did. Years ago they gave me high blood pressure medication, but I barely attempted to make changes. At forty you still feel you have a chance to continue down the road you were on with little consequences, but it does catch up sooner or later. Later I began to have issues with breathing and asthma I had as a child, my feet swell, my back began to hurt from the weight I was carrying around, and I could not walk when my family was on vacation. Things began to spill over into my family’s life, so the problems only worsened.

Six months ago I went back to the gym, am seeing a personal trainer, and when the doctor told me three years in a row of high blood sugar was getting serious- I changed my eating habits. No more late night writing, snacking and drinking, bed early and up with breakfast, lunch, and timely dinner meals (two snacks) I began to see my weight and swelling disappear. It works! As a chef I knew better, but we make excuses. Stop making excuses and if you are finally sick of yourself feeling like crap- do something about it.

Confession is good for the soul, or so they say- so I gave it a try! Yes, I finally admitted publicly I was over weight and was out of control. I posted my photo of my trainer, Brian and I in the gym and will eventually post more photos of myself getting fit!

Exercise is key to being able to eat that hamburger now and then, but with a healthy mind and body. I cross train six days a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday- I do water aerobics or walk. Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday- I work out in the gym with my trainer (you can do it on your own, but he makes me accountable) who makes sure I alternate weights and work on different areas of my body to keep things moving. Sure its hard, and I am sore, but I know in the long run- I will be a rock star!

My family has a history, like many do of some illnesses like high blood pressure, so losing weight may not completely get rid of it, but I figure getting fit will only help matters. Do the same for yourself, you will feel so much better!


Chef Elizabeth Stelling

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  1. Well said Chef!!! And kudos on your hard work.

    October 29, 2010 at 5:10 pm

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