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Hake- Acorn Squash- Greens

I have learned how to cook from watching my grandmother, my mom, jobs, others, culinary school, but technically I always change recipes according my mood. I am a moody eater, always want spice and heat, but almost always want to experiment with flavors. So, often 3 out of 5 times my dishes are different in some way.

My biggest challenge today is admitting I may need some help with ideas for reducing sugar and sodium in my everyday eating, and using recipe books and sites for once. Me, follow a diabetic pyramid?

Miracles do happen! This week I have eaten breakfast, had snacks, and cooked two evening meals with my dietitians advice of-

Well as a rule of thumb 1/2 your plate should be non starchy veggies (so no corn or potatoes) 1/4 meat fish protein but lentils (these also contain carbohydrate) – 1/4 carb like rice, bread, potatoes, pasta (have about 1.5 cups of rice, pasta or potato cooked) this will be a 1800 calorie meal plan for each day- R.S. RD, LDN, SRD

For example my first meal back from Spain was a pot of ‘Stewp’ (stew/soup). A thick rich bowl of vegetable and beef broth goodness. I added healthy things like hummus to thicken and added protein, but cooked it to death. I got busy and forgot it was downstairs boiling away, so everything was like a can of Dinty Moore’s Stew; it was full of potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, and peas. All starchy foods for the most part. I also added Sambar spice from the local Indian store, so it had a nice flavor. Post vacation food is always a quick fix until you can get to the market.

The next night I made a big fat salad, following her advice above. Wednesday, I made the dish from the first post photo. Baked Hake (a cross between cod and whiting) with apple and poppy seed puree (no sugar- only peeled apples, onion, poppy seeds, olive oil, white pepper, sea salt), along with Roasted parsnips (which I did not eat, I put them on one side of the pan), onion, celery, shallots, white sweet potatoes, and acorn squash halves. Drizzled and tossed with with olive oil, white pepper, sea salt, whole grain cereal, pecans, and a light light drizzle (2 tablespoons) of maple syrup. I covered the vegetables with foil and baked for thirty to forty minutes; until fork tender.

4 oz of fish, 1 1/2 cups vegetables over a heaping serving of mixed salad (Mache and spinach greens). I also drizzled (about 2 Tablespoons) some of the juices from the fish over the whole dish when I plated it. Now I served myself less of the roasted vegetables (hubby- 1/2 cup more), and ate more greens.

Any ideas on what you would do with this dish? What have you made for dinner recently? Leave a link or suggest some great diabetic recipes for me and other readers. Play with your food, even if you have a base recipe- just leave out the sugar and use less starch!


Chef E

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  1. I’m hopeless at following recipes – I only use them for inspiration (and have only started making a note of quantities since I got a blog!). But I very seldom put salt in my cooking, I find that pepper and chilli are my standard seasonings.

    October 10, 2010 at 4:20 pm

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